Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper and hand dyed silk manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility. We offer full sheet deckle edge seed papers made by hand in Seattle . If you want handmade, earth friendly, and tree free products, true environmental responsibility, and stewardship, then you have found the right company. Making paper one sheet at a time since 1995.

We are available from 8am to 6pm pacific time Monday - Friday.

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Why Print Green?

1. To reduce carbon output in printing production by being environmentally responsible and making good choices for the planet. If using our handmade seed papers you actually reverse your carbon footprint.

2. We choose companies that have green printing standards. Such as chemical free inks, recycling of all recyclables, and solar or hydro power.

Please support our drive for a “greener” tomorrow.

Print Specs for Image and Type on Lotka paper

Here's a list of things to help the image and type.

1. Whenever possible use InDesign or illustrator to create files. We can then go in and adjust everything to make it print better.

2. Use a font that has less drop-off to begin with.

3. Whenever possible use 100% black or dark colors for the font.

4. Printing type in 4 color on this stock will always be a trick, so the more cyan and black in the color build for the type is a plus.

5. Don’t screen type.

6. Try to use images that are light or with small amount of coverage – design with the stock in mind.

**Click here for specific suggestions for designing artwork to go on to our paper**

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Seeded Wine Necker Tag - Chateau St JeanClick to see larger imageKids lotka thank you card and envelopeAn example of a customers seeded lotka business cardVegetable Dyed Hang Tag (Click for larger image)A 4 color process job done on our lotka seeded paper3 x 5.25" Hang Tag5 x 7.5 x 3" Gift BagLotka Seeded Tags with EcoTwist

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