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Seed Paper

germination test - weeping lovegrass seed paper stacks 18x24 sheets
seed paper sprouting - first little bud 20x30 sheets
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Of The Earth is proud to offer great earth friendly handmade products. Our seed papers inspire growth of a 'recycle and renew' mindset. Planting our papers actually generate oxygen instead of waste. We are also proud of our efforts to be a low impact business, to encourage our customers to use less paper (we love single envelope invitations and postcard reply cards), to produce paper with recycled/recovered water and to use every practical measure possible to ensure an environmentally responsible workplace. Thank you for sharing our vision.

Our line of seed papers continues to grow! We started with Ed Hume seed packets seventeen years ago and now we work directly with the growers to ensure not only that our flower seed papers produce a high germination rate but that the combination of flowers that bloom will create a pleasing bouquet. We designed our signature wildflower blend to ensure that when our paper is planted anywhere in North America, the attentive gardener will not be disappointed. Our seed papers are available in 20" x 30" and 18" x 24" parent sheets, each with a full deckle edge. Our proprietary papermaking process includes over twenty real flower petal and dozens of seed options giving you the widest range of seed papers to pick from. You can lay a credit card anywhere on our papers and be covering a half dozen seeds.

Seed paper invitation kit seed paper bifolds of #9s paper with hemlock eco-twist seed paper in printer sheets Seed paper invitation kits seed paper diy invitation kits
Seed paper invitation kits
Hundreds of paper choices
Thousands and thousands of sheets
Parent sizes 20x30 inch and 18x24 inch
Made in Seattle and Made in Nepal
seed paper sprouting Who are we? Well, we are just like many of you, we like things to look a particular way, often our tastes reach beyond our budget. That doesn’t stop us though. We work to create what we want by rolling up our sleeves to make our own paper. We also tear cards by hand, hand dye silk ribbon, print and assemble invitations and we get earth under our nails as we plant and press our own flowers. We work hard to make beautiful things and we have created opportunities for you to make those same beautiful things with our do it yourself options.

What else can be said about us? Well, we ship custom designed wedding invitation orders in just a week and most of our products can ship on the same day if they don’t require custom work. However, since we offer so many DIY options, we do have an overwhelming amount of information to communicate to you regarding ordering options. So what that means is, well, we have a few online organizational issues. Our customers have been challenged by our navigation menus and options. We are always working to improve but our primary concern is always filling orders, so please forgive us (and call us) if you get a little lost on our web site.

As we started in business by making our own handmade paper wedding invitations, that continues to be our main focus. We offer sheets that can be ordered singly or in bulk. Our single sheets sell for $10 each, they measure 18” x 24” and are often enhanced with flower seeds and petals. We have always been earth friendly (see our name) and none of our handmade papers contain tree fibers. We offer recycled options that include up to 100% fiber content. Even the first use fibers are eco-friendly though as they are made with a waste product of the cotton seed oil industry.

Our many invitation designs are custom tailored by paper style, font, layout and size. Each component of every invitation can be ordered individually or as a group. If you like the idea of saving money but just don’t have the time, we will gladly send you a complete invitation package that includes; invitation, reply card, reception card, direction card and envelope ready to be stuffed and addressed at home. If you want to add matching thank you notes, programs and place cards, we have you covered!

Contemporary invitations allow for many options. Most of today's couples choose to include directions with their invitations. Often you can combine a map, written directions and accommodation information all on one card. Etiquette directs you to make the invitation very simple but we recommend that you avoid a separate mailing. This will save paper, reduce waste and cut down on costs! You will need a response card if you are having a catered event. Your caterer will need to have a final guest count within two weeks of your event. You can save trees/waste/money if you use the more casual postcard style response.

Our standard shipping and handling fees range from $10 to $25. You can estimate the costs by putting the items you like in our shopping cart and navigating through the first part of the checkout process. We ship with USPS and UPS which offers you the best range of prices and services. Handmade paper is light; most of our shipments are under ten pounds. All shipments are sent requiring a signature; the driver will not release the package without that signature. Please be sure to provide an address where there will be someone to sign for the package.

We love to answer your questions so please pick up the phone and call us or use the customer service page to submit your question or request.

Thanks for visiting! Be sure to check out our blog for our newest photos and stories.

hand dyed silk ribbon
Hand dyed silk ribbon made in our Seattle studio.
seed paper with flower petals and plants embedded in the sheets
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